Wine & Spirit

Brand Wine

In the close collaboration with worldwide well-known giant companies such as Castel in France, Felix in Spain, Conosur in Chile, we aim at ensuring the quality and consistency of our products and building world famous brands.

Premier Wine

In order to provide the domestic wine lovers with products of excellent quality and reasonable price, we make a selection of fine wine from famous wine regions and estates around the world and guarantee the quality and price change consistently based on the international standards.

Entry-level Wine

In order to meet the price-quality pursuit of general customers, with enormous financial support, we keep introducing highly cost effective wines to ensure the low price and good quality and buildthe import - export supply Chain.

Chinese Spirit

With many years experience of Chinese spirit marketing, Baozhen gradually establish cooperation with China top spirit companies and keep well relationships. Having been successfully operating many middle and high-end Chinese spirit brand in Shandong province, such as Moutai, Wuliangye, Swellfun, Shede, Hanjiang, etc., Baozhen is a leading operator of middle and high-end Chinese spirit brands in China.

寶真酒業WSET中級認證課程(5月)圓滿結課! 2019-5-27
書香警營、文化茅臺讀書分享會成功舉辦! 2019-5-22
喜訊丨第二屆“品牌力量”頒獎盛典,寶真酒業榮獲年度“品牌升級獎”! 2019-4-28

About Baozhen 

波西亚时光破解:Baozhen Wine &Spirit, since 1993

The company of Bao Zhen is a beverage company specializing at brand operation, customization and sales, created in 1993, it covers right now the major provinces and cities, owns an excellent sales and promotion teams with a distribution network across the country. Since 2006, we stepped in the international market and build gradually the operation system of premium white spirit and wine.
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